Democrats are dead silent about the antisemitism in their party

by Leah Rosenberg

The antisemitism amongst the Democrats in their party MUST be dealt with. Why are they ignoring it and pretending like it is acceptable?

Democrats Ignore Antisemitism

The Democrats seem to be ignoring the antisemitism taking place in their own party. People like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are part of the Democratic Party. And for those who care about injustice and discrimination, they should be calling them out for their antisemitism. But they are not. They are silent. Too silent.

And it has happened in other cases too. Like with former President Barak Obama. He met and posed in pictures with Louis Farrakhan – one of the world’s most vile anti-semites! By staying silent, Democrats are approving of these types of actions.

Wiping Israel off the Map

Rashida Tlaib literally wiped Israel off the map that is in her office. That is not something to joke about. And that shows who she truly is. Wiping Israel off the map is something terrorists want to do. No one should take what she did lightly.

Not liking Tlaib has nothing to do with the fact that she is a Muslim. It is not about religion. Disliking her has to do with her views, her actions, and her speech. She hates Israel. She hates Jews. And it is time that the Democratic Party called a spade a spade. America and Israel are allies. They are both democracies. They are both trying to defend freedom. And Rashida Tlaib is trying to wipe that off the map.

Dr. Risch

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