One man’s battle for women’s rights

by Leah Rosenberg

Women’s rights are often talked about in the world. But where are all those voices crying out for suffering Muslim women?

Women’s Rights

There has been a Women’s March. People are shouting in America for women’s rights. But there are suffering Muslim women in the world who are facing the worst of the worst. Why aren’t those voices of the Women’s March crying out for these Muslim women? It is heart-wrenching to watch a video like this and see what is actually happening to too many women.

Human Rights Abuse

Performing FGM (Female genital mutilation) on girls and women is one of the world’s biggest human rights abuses. But where is the UN Human Rights Council when it comes to such grave situations like these? It seems that they only have time to falsely accuse Israel of anything, yet they ignore the real problems of the world. We are talking about even children. And these women and children are forever scarred because of the terrible things done to them.

The Man Making a Difference

But one man is choosing not to be silent. He is speaking up and making a change. Human rights lawyer Reda Eldanbouki is leading the battle for change in Egypt. Although there are other brave people who speak out against FGM, it is still widespread. The fact that globally over 200-million girls and women have been subjected to this disgusting mutilation is horrifying.

Where are those voices of the Women’s March? Where are all those progressives who want to stand up for women’s rights and protest against what is wrong in this world?

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