Where is the Outrage as ‘World Hijab Day’ Observed in Some US Public Schools?

by Avi Abelow

Many US public schools just hosted ‘World hijab day’ programs. Imagine the outrage if that would have been a program for Judaism or Christianity.

Imagine if a US Public School would celebrate world cross day or a world Kippa day (a Jewish head covering worn by men). There would be a public outcry. The US system is based on a separation of Church and State so no religion is promoted in Public Schools. However, when it comes to Islam, all of a sudden these programs are allowed because they promote “diversity”. No, no they don’t. The truth is that World Hijab Day is a program that promotes Islam, a religious culture that is out to dominate the world. Unfortunately, all those activists who would scream bloody murder if a public school would host a program for Christianity or Judaism, are now silent.

One Father’s Outrage

One father was particularly outraged when his school posted a picture of his daughter wearing a hijab. An absolute disgrace!

Crowder explains the hypocrisy best with how the left differentiates between all other religions and Islam

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