Feminists are silent as Saudi woman is jailed for hugging a man in public

by Avi Abelow

It is sad that we live in an age when “feminists” in the West stay silent about true oppression against women in the Muslim world.

Jailed for Hugging

A few days ago, a woman ran onto a stage to hug famous Saudi singer Majid al-Mohandis, at a public concert.

She may face up to two years in jail and a fine of up to 100,000 Saudi riyals.  That is equivalent to over $26,000.

There is no question that she did indeed hug a man in public.  Multiple people caught it on camera at the concert. The other concert attendees cheered and clapped as the singer, al-Mohandis, kept singing while she was led away.

Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia

Women and girls are institutionally discriminated against in Saudi Arabian law, based on Islamic law. Basically, they can’t do anything without a male guardian. Women are unable to travel, engage in paid work or receive a higher education.  In addition, she may not marry or even leave her home to go outside without the permission of a male guardian.

Change is Happening

The newest ruler of Saudi Arabia is making changes. Last month the Prince finally lifted a prohibition on women driving.  Now they can drive – but only with the permission of a male guardian. He also reopened cinemas and relaxed rules on female attendance at public events.

However, women who disobey the country’s male guardianship system or the law on modest clothing can still face lengthy prison sentences and large fines.

Where are the Feminists?

Sadly, Western feminists are absolutely silent about this blatant discrimination against women in Saudi Arabia.

A woman is arrested for hugging a man in the year 2018 and the feminists are silent.

Feminists must begin to raise their voices against the institutional discrimination against women in Islam. Otherwise, this creeping discrimination won’t just be in Saudi Arabia, but also in the growing Muslim communities in the West.

Col. Kemp

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