Forty UN ambassadors visit the City of David and discover the age-old Jewish connection

by Phil Schneider

Danny Danon brought forty UN ambassadors to the city of Jerusalem. But not to just any place in Jerusalem – but to the heart and soul of Jerusalem – the City of David. That is a very important move. The United Nations is filled with representatives of countries that have enormous biases against Israel. This is one step in the right direction to bring the truth to the forefront of the world.

History of the United Nations and the State of Israel

Back in November 1947, shortly after the United Nations was formed, the fateful question of whether or not a State of Israel should be established in the Land of Israel was discussed. There were feverish efforts made all over the world to attain support for the State of Israel. In the end, the Jewish State received the necessary majority. It was perhaps the only major vote in the United Nation’s history that the Soviet Union and the United States voted together on. Some have even argued that it was the highest moral point of the international body.

But by the mid 1970’s, the United Nations had already proven how anti-Israel they were. But they reached a new low when they passed a resolution that equated Zionism with Racism, it became clear that the entire institution was rotten to the core. The Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations ripped up the resolution. This was a symbolic move, but it probably didn’t change much. To this day, the United Nations is not a friendly place for the State of Israel.

This trip to the City of David by Danny Danon may actually wake up some representatives as to the thousands-year old Jewish connection to the city. Seeing is believing.

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