Does religion make life better?

by Leah Rosenberg

Go on to a campus in the United States and ask students if they believe in God. The answers will surprise you. Will religion enrich your life? Will it make one’s life happier? Most people who are religious will admit that the more Bible and religion one has in one’s life, the happier they are.

The Main Reasons to be Religious

Many would argue that the litmus test ought not be whether or not religion brings one to happiness. On the contrary, the litmus test for many should be whether or not following a religion or a higher entity is the truth or not.

Meaning, does God exist or not? If not, there is no point in following a non-entity. But, if indeed God exists, and one follows God through whatever religion they belong to, they will have a completely different dimension in their life.

Once a person accepts that their is a greater force in the world, that brings one to a state of modesty. To a state of realization that there is a greater force that runs things. One realizes that they don’t have as much control over the world as they had thought they did. Their are forces that are beyond our understanding.

Of course, the debate is as old as the world is and will continue for many generations.

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