Christian hounded by Muslim for praying on the Temple Mount

by Avi Abelow

Discrimination! Certain religions are banned from praying on the Temple Mount! The world will make you think Israelis are stopping Muslims. Think again.

Praying on the Temple Mount

Praying on the Temple Mount is a special thing. In the location where the Jewish Temple stood thousands of years ago and will stand again, hopefully soon – how amazing! What a holy place to pray at! If only we were allowed to pray…

See the problem is, Jews cannot pray there. Christians cannot pray there. Why? Because the Muslims have banned others from doing anything that resembles prayer at the Temple Mount! Muslims, however, do whatever they want on that holy site – they throw chairs and rocks, they play soccer, they riot. Does it really sound like it is sacred to them? They even pray with their backs toward the Temple Mount!


It is so ironic. The Muslim who hounded the Christian praying said, “There’s no Temple Mount. This is called Al-Aqsa Mosque for us. You come here and disrespect our Islamic religion.”

Actually, you know what is disrespectful? Rioting on such a holy site. Throwing firebombs. Attacking others. Oh, and building a mosque ON TOP of the holiest Jewish site. Yes, on top. Because the Jewish Temple came first. Judaism came first. The Muslims invaded Jerusalem much after the Jewish nation already established its homeland and capital. But the world won’t tell you that. They don’t like to admit the truth…

Big tech Hypocrisy
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