Dr. Kedar explains the oldest fake news in all of history!

by Leah Rosenberg

Dr. Mordechai Kedar is an Israeli scholar of Arabic Culture. Listen to THIS piece of fake news! Dr. Kedar explains how Jerusalem is not a Muslim holy city.

Dr. Kedar Explains Fake News

Dr. Mordechai Kedar explains something that the world will not admit. Fake news has existed for much longer than we think. Muslims created a fake news story about Jerusalem as a Muslim holy city and about the Temple Mount as a holy site for Muslims. It never was a Muslim holy city, and the Temple Mount is most definitely not a Muslim holy site. Dr. Kedar goes through the story here! Facts are facts. But the world does not care about the facts. They side with the Muslims’ claim that Jerusalem is holy to them, but the entire story was made up.

So, after listening to Dr. Kedar speak, you can see that fake news has existed since the 7th century! The question is, why do so many believe it?

A Jewish Holy City

The Jewish claim to Jerusalem is based on archaeology, the Bible, history, and any other type of proof you can think of. But because, as Dr. Kedar explains, this threatens the existence of Islam, the Muslims try to destroy the truth. And it seems that the United Nations and much of the world has decided to help them out. They are covering up history. Archaeology. The Bible! Does the world realize by denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and Israel, they are denying the Bible? Does the UN really want to doubt God’s word? Does the entire world really want to doubt God’s word?

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