The Jew of Arab descent who is willing to share the TRUTH!

by Leah Rosenberg

When you have a Jew of Arab descent, you have to listen to that person’s story. They truly have insight that the world should hear.

The Jew of Arab Descent

This is Yossef Perez. Yes, he is Jewish. And yes, he also has Arab roots. His mother group up in Tunisia. Yossef’s grandfather on his father’s side also lived in Tunisia.

People talk about how Israelis mistreat Arabs living in Israel. They say that there is apartheid. But Perez knows the truth. He knows that what his mother and grandfather experienced growing up in an Arab country is what it looks like to be mistreated and discriminated against. His family experienced things that the Arabs living in Israel do not experience. Jews have been discriminated against in Arab countries, but Arabs in the one and only JEWISH country are treated with respect.

People Boycott the Jewish State?

Listen to his message. Listen to his family’s history. Does it not make you wonder why no one has boycotted the Arab countries? Why has no one protested the fact that the Jewish people are mistreated everywhere they go, besides Israel?

Yossef Perez is an Arab Jew. And he lives in Israel. Does he experience racism? No. And aside from Perez and the fact that he is not a white Jew, Palestinian Arabs live freely in Israel as well. Muslims can worship how they wish. They serve in the government. They are doctors, lawyers, and judges. How much more proof do people need that Israel is not an apartheid state? It is clear. Yossef Perez is even an example of the fact that Israel is a melting pot for people of all cultures, backgrounds, and religions. Jews and non-Jews alike live side by side. Calling that apartheid just belittles what REAL apartheid is!

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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