The Israeli invention that will make your next trip stress-free!

by Chaya Cikk

Flying can be super stressful but with this Israeli invention that is all about to change. This will make your life so much easier right before a flight. It is super cool! Watch this!

Israeli Invention

This is one of the many awesome Israeli inventions. Everyone knows that flying can be very stressful. Just trying to remember if you packed everything can put gray hairs on your head. This invention will hopefully take all that stress away.

This suitcase can go from small and when needed it can open up to large. Therefore, giving people enough space in the suitcase for all their needs. You pack light on the way to your destination but I can never get everything to fit back in the suitcase as I did on the way there.

Not to mention all the other cool and amazing inventions Israel has created. For example Waze, the app that we have all come to know and love that shows us the way around the country. Another example is the Re-Walk, to help those who can’t walk again. It is very emotional to watch someone walk for the first time. Also, Israel’s yummiest invention is Hummous or may be Bamba? The yummy peanut butter snack.

Additionally, there is the Pill Cam, to help Doctor’s diagnose problems inside your stomach. Also, the USB Stick that has so much memory it is unbelievable. The Cherry tomato, the yummy vegetable that we had to our salads. The Baby Sense which helps monitor the baby’s breathing and prevent infant deaths. Israel has invented ways to help with agriculture, medicine, science and so much more.

Finally, this suitcase will be a life-changer for those frequent flyers. I wonder what the BDS Movement will have to say about this? Will they try to boycott this too? Such a useful product, it shouldn’t matter where it is made.

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