Rashida Tlaib just dug herself into another hole

by Phil Schneider

Rashida Tlaib believes the State of Israel exists. Yes – but she does not believe that anything positive came from the existence of the State of Israel. But, she also believes firmly that the so-called “Palestinians” have the right for a state too. Sounds reasonable? Right? Wrong.

The Palestinians are not a nation – nor have they ever been a nation. Yes, there are many Arabs that live in the Land of Israel. But, until the late 1960’s and especially in the late 1980’s, the idea of a unique national entity called “The Palestinians” was never used. The only time that the term “Palestine” was ever used extensively was when the British Empire took over the area of the Land of Israel in 1918 and set up a mandate that they called, “The British Mandate of Palestine.” That geographic area was not a Jewish or Arab area. But, it was termed that way by the British. Jews adopted the term “Palestinians” for themselves, and called themselves Palestinian Jews. Interestingly, Arabs nearly never used the term “Palestinian” for themselves. So, if anyone could be called “Palestinians,” it’s the Jewish people. Meaning, the whole idea of a “Palestinian nation” is one big grand faction.

So, does that mean that Rashida Tlaib is a liar? The answer is yes. She is absolutely all-in against the entire existence of the State of Israel. But, she is a student of the leadership of the PLO, of Yasser Arafat. Arafat made it perfectly clear – in Arabic – that he has accepted the salami plan. The idea is to grab small chunks of the Land of Israel in peace deals in order to grab larger swaths of land from the State of Israel and ultimately fight to destroy the Land of Israel from within. Anytime you hear someone speak about the “Palestinian nation”, know that they are continuing the same age-old lie.

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