Israeli Laser System Will Save the Lives of Thousands

by Phil Schneider

Israel can never rest on it’s laurels. It must always be on defense in order to defends it’s borders. Iran and it’s proxies on Israel’s border to the south and north, are always working on ideas to bomb Israel from afar. Israel must always have the technological edge. The alternative is too deadly to fathom. When the Arabs surrounding Israel threaten destruction, they mean it.

Israel always strive to maintain the edge technologically. But it has not always been like that. In the Israeli War of Independence, Israel was out-manned, outgunned, and according to many in the State Department of the US, had no chance at winning. But against all odds, Israel won in resounding fashion in nearly all of the battles. One of the few battles that Israel was defeated in was the Old City battle. But even in defeat, the Jordanian Legion was shocked to see how few Israelis held the lines for so long against so many Jordanian soldiers.

Even in Israel’s smashing victory in the Six Day War in 1967, Israel had far fewer soldiers and weapons than Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. More importantly, the weapons technology that Israel had was not as advanced as the Russian-supplied weapons that Egypt, Jordan, and Syria had.

But within a few years, Israel had a qualitative edge and invested heavily to stay ahead of it’s persistent enemies. Many of the Israeli-made weapons will also be used by countries facing aggressors, such as Ukraine and other countries near Russia. Israel has always been on the front-line of the battle for freedom, and it’s weapons are a key component to it’s success.

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