Do Corona Vaccines Have Side Effects That Affect Women Across The Globe?

by Phil Schneider

Over the last two years, there has been one clear message that has come out of nearly all international health organizations – take the vaccine and you’ll be fine. Well, there indeed are many studies that indicate that hospitalizations are down among people who are vaccinated. But aside from the questions about those studies, what nobody seems to be focused on are the potential long-term effects on women. Even though studies are finally being published focused on that specific issue, the establishment media has been totally silent about any and all reporting on the issue.

As can be seen here, even Youtube is making an effort to censor all reporting on the issue, having removed the media report that was posted on youtube. (We found an alternative website with the same media report, which we provide below)

The question is why are all the establishment and social media ignoring this issue?

This should bother everyone.

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