Putin Sends Nuclear Bombers To Ukraine

by David Mark

The threat of a nuclear war just got real as Russia flew nuclear bombers near Ukraine’s border.

Only one day has gone by since Ukrainian President Vlodimir Zelensky warned that Russia was prepared to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine and already Putin has ordered Russia’s nuclear bombers to circle near the Ukrainian border.

Will Putin actually use nukes? Maybe, but not in a form that resembles a Hollywood movie. Small tactical nuclear weapons can be launched carefully and in a manner that limits damage to military assets only.

If Russia is planning only to use tactical nukes then why the nuclear bombers?

Putin has long believed in playing hard power in conflicts. He knows the West does not have the ability to truly challenge him and at the same time he wants to ensure he can finish the job at least as far as the Donbas is concerned. Germany, Poland, and the Baltics maybe willing to saber rattle for the camera, but Putin knows they are little more than useful idiots – completely reliant on Russia’s oil and gas.

Russia is attempting to split NATO and scaring Europe with nuclear bombers appears to be the best way to do it.

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