NATO Sends Patriots to Eastern Europe As War Threatens To Spiral Out Of Control

by David Mark

As Putin’s Russia bombs targets close to the Polish border, the current conflict between NATO backed Ukraine and the Russian Federation appears to be set to expand beyond the current players.

NATO has been pumping Ukraine with state of the art weapons since 2014. Ukraine in turn has used these weapons to attack Russian speaking citizens in the Donbass. From Javelin anti-tank missiles to air defense systems, Ukraine was heavily prepared for the type of conflict we are now witnessing.

NATO’s current buildup in Poland and Slovakia indicates that the West is preparing for an expanded conflict. Given the amount of troops Russia is using, the narrative that Putin is planning on attacking beyond Ukraine is unfounded. In fact, what is far more reasonable is that NATO is using Ukraine as reason to attack Russia – something they have been itching to do.

Germany and the Netherlands have now sent Patriot Missiles to Slovakia. NATO in general is sending more troops to the Baltics and Romania. This is on the back of the Polish Deputy PM announcing the need for an armed “peacekeeping” mission.

With Putin already threatening to cutoff of the Western empowered supply lines, the current conflict appears to be on a path where it will expand past the Ukrainian border. All thats left is either some sort of false flag or accidental bombing and the war becomes global.

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