My Letter to Progressives Who Hate Trump

by Avi Abelow

I get it. I really do. President Donald Trump has character flaws. Everybody has the prerogative to not like him, or even hate President Trump, for whatever reason. That is totally ok. However, many progressives are transferring their hate for the man to an emotional and irrational place.

Nobody is Perfect

The truth is we all have character flaws. Every progressive, liberal and conservative person in the world has them. Every President of the USA has had them. Even “saint” Barack Obama has character flaws. But those character flaws have never lead to the extreme reactions and actions that we see today.

North Korea

Why am I writing this? Yesterday I wrote an article on the North Koreans destroying a nuclear test site. The article also included a section on how the mainstream media keeps on misreporting Trump’s political moves vis-a-vis North Korea.

Read more on North Korea Destroying Nuclear Test Site. President Trump Keeps on Proving the Mass Media Wrong

The article included clips of an interview I had with journalist Melanie Phillips. One can hear her take on how the mainstream media is totally misreporting the North Korea situation and how they are skewed by their hatred for Trump. As always, Melanie is very, very thought out and articulate. One can still disagree, that is one’s prerogative, but…


Some of the responses that I received are just terrifying. I can understand if someone wants to argue that the destruction of the nuclear site was a sham, because maybe it was. I can understand if someone wants to argue that they think Trump is wrong in trying to bring North Korea to the negotiating table. That is totally their prerogative. Maybe they even disagree with Melanie Phillips’ analysis of the mainstream media. Again, totally fine.

What I can’t believe are the emotional responses that I have been receiving.  They are similar to other responses I receive to other articles where Trump is mentioned.

Sample Response #1

This is just plain sad:
Trump is a monster. Please remove me from your mailing list.

This is a person who has been subscribed for years and seemingly enjoys the videos about Israel that we promote each and everyday. However, this person’s hate for Trump trumps their feelings of wanting to feel connected to Israel. Again, sad.

But it gets worse. Much, much worse.

Sample Response #2

“You make me embarrassed to be a Jew. I see you functioning as a propaganda machine for Trump and I realize there are some Jews who will stoop to anything to achieve their aims. The ends justify the means for you.  But you are losing all non-Jews and many of us Jews in the process. Like Trump, as long as you believe you are holding on to a “critical” level of your base, you do not care what you do. I am disgusted and many, many Jews I know feel the same way. If you represent Israel, as a Jew, I say DOWN WITH ISRAEL!”


That a Jew, or any person, can allow their hatred for President Trump to willingly turn themselves against supporting Israel, and the Jewish people in Israel, is nothing short of a travesty. It is a sign of the corrupting forces that exist within the progressive community today. They are willing to throw the baby out with the bath water.   All because they massively dislike President Trump.

Facts don’t matter to these people. Civil discourse with those who disagree with them is not an option. The ability to hate his personality flaws, but still see some positive actions done by him for the benefit of the American people is non-existent for most of these progressives.

Listen, I believed Barack Obama was a disaster for America and the world. I was quite vocal about that in 2008.  Already then, I saw him for the fraud and danger that he was. However, when he was elected President, I did not wish he would fail. I don’t think everything he did was bad.


Yet, the progressive Trump haters of today are so brainwashed with the progressive group-think that few are able to detach their disapproval of his personality flaws from anything else. Every action done by him is automatically tainted because he is connected to it. So much so, that I know many fellow Jews who were disappointed in the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem.  Why?  Because it was President Trump who moved it.

The sad thing is that their true feelings of disappointment should be voiced in the direction of Obama, their saint. He also promised to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and he had eight years to do it. But he didn’t do it. That should be their disappointment, but it’s not. Saint Obama does not get negative vibes for anything he did or did not do from the progressives. Yet Trump gets all the negativity, regardless of what he does or does not do. It’s all because he is Trump.

My Response

By the way, if you are interested in my response to the person who said “Down with Israel” just because of her hate for Trump and our coverage of Trump’s recent dealings with North Korea, here it is.

It seems that we must agree to disagree. We saw Obama as a danger to humanity with his horrendous Iran deal that emboldened the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world, Iran. They had $150 billion more, given to them by Obama, to spread more chaos and terror. Interestingly enough, thanks to the horrendous Iran deal, Obama did have one success, he united the Sunni Muslim world with Israel, all threatened by the emboldened Iran that was Obama’s doing.

We see Trump as a US leader who is finally standing up against the evil Islamic regime of Iran, to make the world a safer place for all of us. I understand that you might disagree with this, but why so much hate for us because we hold a different opinion than you? Israel is here on the frontline for all the world, regardless if one likes Obama or Trump. Why say down with Israel just because you disagree? We thought Obama was a disaster for America and the world.  But we didn’t want him to fail, we didn’t say down with America just because we disagreed with Obama.

We are all on the same side, to stay safe and create a bright future, even if we might have some disagreements over US Presidents. Our future is greater than who is President of the USA.

I’m always available for questions and discussions to better understand one another.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that what we are seeing today is that people’s hate for Trump as a person is making them blind to the reality around them. Progressives look at everything today not as individual issues or circumstances.   Rather they view each and everything through the prism of Trump hatred.

I feel sad for them. I really do. They are missing out on so much. Instead, they just blind themselves with hatred for a man.

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