The TV Personality who went to Israel and disproved every lie

by Avi Abelow

Faith Goldy came to Israel on a special trip to see the “conflict” with her own eyes, and in order to no longer rely upon the reporting from the media. Boy is she glad she did!

The Trip

Faith Goldy visited Israel and traveled across the country, from the North and all the way to the South. She went to the Northern border to see the civil war over in Syria. Then she saw the unbelievable things Israel is doing to help injured Syrians. Faith also went down South to the Gaza border to see the Hamas terror tunnels to better understand the situation there.

During her trip, Faith spoke to many different types of people to hear everything. She spoke to Jews, Arabs, two-state solution proponents, one-state solution proponents. In addition, she even spoke with people who told her that there is no solution. She really wanted to use her time in Israel to better understand, and she did.

Shocked by the Truth

In her video, Faith Goldy admits that she came to Israel believing that the two-state solution was the best solution. Yet she leaves Israel knowing that the two-state solution would be a disaster.

“I believe that the only way this little sliver of land will remain free is if Israelis are in control of it. I’m worried that if you allow any portion of the West Bank to come under PLO (Palestinian Authority), terrorists, or Hamas control, the areas will look like that (pointing to Syria, with half a million dead in a civil war)”

Many people around the world are just like Faith. You can read the news, look at the situation from afar and believe one thing. BUT, until you are here, until you are on the ground you don’t know the full story. You cannot understand what life is like in Israel without having experienced it for yourself. We are waiting to welcome you with open arms to show you Israel.

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