The unbelievable nation that defies all odds

by Michael Sax

Israel may be a small country, but it is making a big difference. Here some of the most interesting facts about the Holy Land. How many of them do you know?

Israel is making a big difference

At first glance, you may not expect much from Israel. It is a small country and has 1/1000th of the world’s population. As well, the modern state of Israel is only a mere 70 years old. Israel is under constant threat as neighboring Arabs regularly launch attacks.

Since the modern state of Israel was founded, Jews have won the Nobel Prize many times. In fact, they have received 22% of Nobel prizes. The odds of this are astronomical – yet it happened!

Environmental advances

Here is another fascinating detail from this small country. Israel is the only country in the world that had a net gain in its number of trees. Now that may not sound so impressive, but Israel is largely a desert! So despite the dry conditions and lack of rainfall, Israel still planted trees and had a huge net gain.

Israel making big inroads in renewable energy. Over ninety percent of Israeli homes use solar energy for hot water. Additionally, Israel companies are building the largest solar power production facility in the world.

Yet how does Israel survive in the desert? Israel operates the world’s largest desalination plant. As well, it is the number one country providing usable water from seawater.

Highest moral code

Israel is under constant threat. It acts to protect the innocent and stop terrorists. A muslim extremist with a bomb who tries to kill innocent children is morally wrong. As such, the IDF will stop that terrorist. Unfortunately, the media seems to forget this and instead blames Israel. Despite the bad press and pressure from anti-semitic voting at the United Nations, Israel will continue to do what is right to protect the innocent.

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