WATCH: Massive Flooding in Maryland. Joining Many Other Recent Natural Phenomena

by Avi Abelow

The Governer of Maryland has declared a state of emergency for all of Maryland after heavy rain and massive flooding. This is just one of many extremely random, and unusual recent natural events.

Massive flooding in Ellicott City/Baltimore

Judaism’s View on Natural Phenomena

We do not have an explanation for all of these events. But as religious Jews, we do view everything that happens around us as signs from the one above. Judaism teaches that when humanity behaves properly then nature behaves normally, with rain at the right time, and crops that grow food etc. Yet, when we do not behave properly then nature behaves in ways that make life hard upon us.

Not being a prophet, I can not read into all these natural occurrences taking place. But, Judaism does teach us to look upon them as a wake-up call. To see how we can improve our lives and be better people.

So instead of just watching, and reading, in awe at these natural events, think of the awesomeness of the creator of the world. Then think whom you can help today and what little, and big, things you can do to be a better person. If nothing else, let these events be a wake-up call for ourselves to think how we can help the creator make this world a better place.

More Recent Natural Events

Today a cyclone more powerful than any previously recorded in southern Oman slammed into the Gulf country and neighbouring Yemen on Sunday, deluging a major city with nearly three years’ worth of rainfall in a single day. Officals said that the storm killed at least seven people while more than 30 remain missing.

The cyclone caused flash flooding that tore away whole roadways and submerged others in Salalah, Oman’s third-largest city, stranding drivers. Strong winds knocked over street lights and tore away roofing.

Mt. Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island poured out lava from 22 fissures across the island, setting homes ablaze and spewing toxic gas. So far the spreading lava has damaged more than 80 structures on the Big Island and led to the evacuation of 2,000 residents.

Lava From Kilauea, Hawaii Is Moving Fast Now, Forcing Evacuations

On May 17th A rare tornado ripped through parts of Germany

May 21st Floods in Sri Lanka displaced almost 70,000 people and killed at least 13.

On May 22nd A lethal heat wave in Karachi, Pakistan,reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit (or 40 C). 65 deaths have been blamed on a heat wave that has brought unbearably hot temperatures to the Pakistani city.

Massive Rainfall and flooding in Israel in May, when it hardly ever rains

In the beginning of May, Israelis were surprised by the sounds of thunder and large hailstones drumming at their windows on Monday morning, as the unpredictable and unseasonal weather continued. Israel has had a spring season of very unseasonal weather. It hardly ever rains in the Spring. Once the Passover holiday passes, we don’t see any more rain until the late fall, early winter time. Yet we have had huge rainstorms with massive flooding and fast floods, that have even taken the lives of 10 teenagers on a hike just a few weeks ago.

The author caught in a rainfall, and flood, on the streets of Tel Aviv.

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