You won’t believe what this Arab has to say about Israel as an apartheid state

by Leah Rosenberg

In Israel, Arabs are free to work, study, and most important- vote! Can this be called an apartheid state?
Is there any other country in the world where Arabs receive free medical care anywhere close to what they receive in Israel?

Arab Supreme Court Judges in Israel

The main point to always focus on is the contrast between Israel and it’s neighbors. What happens to Arabs who live in Syria if they are caught in between a civil war of warring Arab groups? More importantly, does any poor Arab who lives in Syria or Lebanon have a chance of becoming a Supreme Court judge? Probably not. In Israel, there are Arab Supreme Court judges. One of them adjudicated the case against Israel’s President and actually put him in jail. There are probably millions of Arabs in the Middle East who can only dream about putting their leaders in jail.  In Israel, an Arab judge can do this.

Minorities vs. Apartheid

An Arab journalist in Israel is free to express his views – in Arabic, Hebrew, or English – and they do.  Arab Knesset members express their views publicly in front of the entire country.  Arab physicians serve in the best Israeli hospitals. However, Arabs are indeed a minority in the State of Israel.  But Israel treats all of it’s minorities with total respect and openness.  Most Druze men serve in the Israeli Army and some have become high level commanders.  Christian Arabs live all over the country.  There is no safer place for a Christian to live in the Middle East than Israel.

So, yes, Israel has significant minority populations.  But apartheid is a completely irrelevant term for Israel.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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