Must see sight: Largest Israeli flag covers the Western Wall Plaza

by Leah Rosenberg

Now this is something to be proud of. Jews in their homeland celebrating their holy city at the Western Wall – with a 30 meter long flag!

Celebrating Jerusalem Day at the Western Wall

The Jewish people celebrate Jerusalem Day throughout the world. There are festivities, parades, dancing, singing, and more. There is prayer and praise to G-d for performing great miracles. If you have never celebrated Jerusalem Day IN Jerusalem though, it is definitely something to put on your bucket list. There is nothing like dancing and singing with thousands of Jews at the Western Wall. The feeling of unity is unbeatable. And along with the display of the largest Israeli flag, joy permeated the air. Jews of all different kinds joined together to thank G-d for bringing Jerusalem back into Jewish hands.

Celebration Despite Arab Violence

This video was from the night of Jerusalem Day (before the daytime festivities). There have been days and weeks of Arab violence, but the Jews still chose to celebrate. Because that is the nature of the Jewish people. Happiness and faith is built in the being of the nation of Israel. Jews remain positive despite the challenges. And despite the barrage of rockets that were sent from Gaza on Jerusalem Day while the Jewish people were rejoicing, they continued to rejoice. Some of the rockets from this wave of violence hit central Israel. Men, women, and children were forced to run to bomb shelters.

But the Jewish people keep rejoicing. They keep living, breathing, building, and fighting for their right to live peacefully in their ancient homeland.

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