Sky News anchor calls for President Biden’s resignation after disastrous 100 days

by Leah Rosenberg

Is it really such a big deal if there is a weak leader of the free world? Well, let’s take a look at some lessons from recent history. When were the last times that the United States had a weak leader? The more recent weak leaders of the United States were Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. The prototype of a weak leader in World War II was Neville Chamberlain. How did that work out?

Jimmy Carter came into power with a strong focus on cleaning up the government. The Vietnam War was over and the Nixon and Ford administrations led the United States to look for a leader with a clean image. Jimmy Carter had no experience in foreign affairs and did not focus on the threats from the Soviet Union. It led to a weak attitude towards Soviet aggression. In the end, it was not the soviet threat that displayed the weakness of the United States’ leadership. It was a radical Muslim revolt in Iran that ended up exposing the leadership of Jimmy Carter. A small group of radical Muslims took hundreds of American hostages and exposed the lack of fortitude of the leadership. In the end, the hostages were freed, but Iran was lost to the radical Islamic Ayatollahs – to this very day.

Barack Obama has largely given in to the demands of Iranian Ayatollahs who are now looking to become a powerful country that threatens the world and the Middle East via nuclear blackmail. Joe Biden’s leadership has shown itself to be even weaker than than the Obama leadership.

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