Rockets Launched At Israel From Gaza, While Jews Celebrate Jerusalem Day

by Micha Gefen

Arab riots have now turned into Hamas rocket attacks as the Jewish people celebrate the 54th Jerusalem day.

With the Ramadan riots expanding to engulf Jerusalem and other contested areas of Israel, Gaza terrorists have joined the uprising by firing rockets. The attack is an ominous sign for what may be coming if Israel doesn’t clamp down on what appears to be a foreign instigated “national” uprising.

Perhaps the best way to strike a blow against the Arab riots is to go ahead with the evictions in Sheik Jarrah as well as assisting in bringing more Jews back to the Shiloach (Silwan). Netanyahu himself responded to America’s pressure campaign against Israel’s moves in Jerusalem.

“We firmly reject the pressure not to build in Yerushalayim. To my regret, this pressure has been increasing of late,” Netanyahu said during an address ahead of national commemorations of Jerusalem Day.

“I say also to the best of our friends: Yerushalayim is Israel‘s capital and just as every nation builds in its capital and builds up its capital, we also have the right to build in Yerushalayim and to build up Yerushalayim. That is what we have done and that is what we will continue to do,” Netanyahu said.

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