DECLARATION OF WAR: Hundreds of Rockets Fired On Tel Aviv – 3 People Killed

by David Mark

From 9pm Tuesday night, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired hundreds of rockets at Tel Aviv and the cities surrounding it. 3 people were killed and hundreds injured.

The barrage of missiles fired at Israel’s center, sent people running for shelter, crippling the transportation system, and shutting down life in the country’s economic hub. The IDF immediately responded with direct attacks on Hamas and Islamic Jihad controlled apartment buildings, leveling them to the ground.

The IDF is now amassing military units on the border with Gaza and preparing to send in the military into a far more protracted conflict than anyone assumed would happen.

The campaign to deter Hamas and Islamic Jihad has now spiraled out of control in unexpected ways. With the attack on Tel Aviv, the arabs in Gaza and those attacking Jews around the country are raising the ante and hoping to bring the country to its knees.

In a normal year this would be a good assumption, but the Prime Minister is politically cornered and without constraints. Given the political forces arrayed against him, willing to take him down by betraying their own voters, Netanyahu may do what he has wanted to do for some time. After all, why not crush Hamas and the muslim arab uprising within Israel – especially if it reveals how self serving your opposition is.

The arab terror leaders in Gaza and those leading the uprising within Israel proper may have gambled wrong when they assumed Netanyahu would hold the IDF back.

In the coming days, expect the IDF to unleash far more force than it has and expect the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists to do the same. With ground troops preparing to go in and arab pogroms sweeping Israel, the current conflict digs at the core of Israeli identity and the sovereign rights of the Jewish people throughout the Land of Israel. Ultimately though, it puts to be the notion that the arab populace across the Land of Israel can be trusted to be part of the decision making process in the Holy Land.

With chaos reigning and a wide war expected, Israelis may not like Netanyahu and would like him to retire, but they trust no one else to guide the Jewish state through the current crisis. Until a new crop of leaders are cultivated that focus on actual change rather than backhanded tricks to gain power, Netanyahu will continue to hang on, especially as it becomes clear that Israel is entering crisis mode.

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