Hamas Rockets Shot Near Jerusalem Empty Western Wall Plaza During Jerusalem Day Celebrations

by Leah Rosenberg

Whatever world leaders cannot fully condemn Hamas and stand by Israel are helping terrorists. Rockets at Jerusalem? Insane!

Hamas Fires Rockets at Jerusalem During Celebrations

How in the world can any leader of the Western World look at this situation and blame Israel? And claim Israel has no right to defend itself with the Iron Dome and retaliate in Gaza? Imagine celebrating at the Western Wall; celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem. And then, sirens blare indicating a rocket attack, and you have to run for shelter.

This video was right at the beginning of the Hamas rocket attacks that have since lasted for two days with Hamas shooting close to 1,000 rockets at Israel, mostly toward the southern towns and Tel Aviv area. Innocent Israelis have been forced to sleep in their bomb shelters because of constant sirens. Sadly, more Israelis are beginning to get a small taste of what those in Israel’s South have faced too often. Mothers and fathers hold their children tight as they all fear for their lives. Babies are pulled from their cribs at night to run to the bomb shelter as rockets fly above them and the Iron Dome (hopefully) shoots them down. This is not a normal life for anyone to live.

It is shocking and repulsive that the world condemns Israel. The world calls on Israel to “show restraint” as rockets rain over the small Jewish state. If another country ever did this to America, America would not show restraint. Who in their right mind would allow for its citizens to live like this? Shooting rockets at innocent people is never justified.

Arab Incitement
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