Muslims raping non-Muslim women in Europe because of Quran

by Leah Rosenberg

Why do non-Muslim women have to fear taking taxis because a Muslim man might rape them? It is in their religion. The Quran tells them to!

The Quran

Why are there rape gangs in Europe? Listen to what Aynaz Anni Cyrus says. Cyrus knows the ins and outs of Islam. She lived through the horrors. Anyaz Anni Cyrus is a Sharia survivor.

So when she brings proof from the Quran that these Muslim men are following what the Quran says, she knows what she is talking about. It is absolutely sickening. This is how they are learning their religion.

Non-Muslims Should Not Fear Living

Non-Muslims should not have to fear living their normal lives. They should not have to be worried about getting beaten and raped if they enter a taxi in Europe or anywhere in the world. And what has been the response? To hire female taxi drivers. That should not be the way Europe responds! These Muslim rapists should be arrested! The Western world must retaliate against them, not just hire female taxi drivers. What would make women feel safe is to eliminate the rapists, not to know they still exist and be told to avoid them.

When will the world be strong enough to stand up against the Muslim extremists?

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