Bibi’s final warning to Iran

by Leah Rosenberg

Bibi’s warning to Iran is loud and clear. But how will Iran respond? Will they continue to fund terrorism and leave Iranians in despair? Or can they change?

The Warning to Iran

Bibi has tried time and time again to warn the Iranian regime. Iran was once a vibrant and modern country. But what has happened over the last 40 years since the Islamic revolution is just sad. Iranians are living in poverty. Water is not drinkable. Basic necessities are non-existent. The people of Iran are suffering beyond what anyone can imagine. But the regime does not care. They have not provided for their people. They only provide billions upon billions of dollars to fund terrorism. The Iranian regime values death over life. And with that mindset, nothing can change.

Israel is Not Intimidated by Iran

Bibi has said it: Israel is not intimidated by Iran. They are aware of the threat, yet not fearful. Whatever Israel has to do to protect itself, they will do. And if Iran wants to take that risk to find out what the consequences will be, they will end up regretting their decision. But there can be a different ending to the story.

Bibi has offered to help the people of Iran. He has given messages of hope and peace. But the regime has refused to accept it. Peace is not in their vocabulary. How much more can Israel do? They have tried the peaceful route. Ultimately, evil will not prevail. And sooner or later, the Iranian regime will realize that.

Arab Incitement
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