From the desert view to the snowy mountains

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is a unique place when it comes to the weather. You can go from staring out into a desert to skiing on Mount Hermon in just a few hours!

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon is located at Israel’s northern border. It is open for skiing some days of the year, and it is absolutely stunning. It actually is Israel’s ONLY ski resort! But what some people do not realize is that the resort is open all year round for other activities aside from skiing. The views are unlike anything else. After watching this video, you’ll definitely want to head up to Israel’s north and see it for yourself!

Even though the ski slopes are not the highest and tallest, they are still amazing. People love it. There is a slope for everyone.

The Magical Place Called Israel

Israel is a really magical place. It is tiny. A small, small country. Yet you can take a drive, and in just a few hours, you will go from a desert view to the snow in Mount Hermon. You can go from rain to sunshine. The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth, then you drive just a couple more hours to the beaches in Tel Aviv, and then to the north and see the snow that potentially falls during some months of the year. It seems impossible! But in Israel, nothing is impossible.

So, come and see Israel for yourself. Don’t listen to what the media says. Israel is not a war zone. It is a thriving, beautiful country. It is a place of freedom and democracy; a place where anyone can feel at home. And don’t forget to visit Mount Hermon!

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