Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight through Israel’s breathtaking desert

by Phil Schneider

The road from Jerusalem down to the Dead Sea is not as windy as this exquisite video portrays.  But any time you are driving in the land of Judea to the Dead Sea, it is sure to be a steep drive.

It is a downhill drive for almost the entire 30-40 minute drive to the northern tip of the Dead Sea.  It is not easy to actually feel what it is like to take this drive via a video – but this eagle-eye’s view does an excellent job at giving over the feeling of the great descent to the Dead Sea.  The barrenness of the desert and the Judea Mountains that tower over the Dead Sea create the unique topography and views featured.


The Great Revolt against the Romans in Judea

It was in this exact area that the Great Rebellion took place against the Roman Empire back in the 1st century C.E.  When you get to the location of Masada, it becomes obvious why.

The Dead Sea is at the lowest spot on earth.  Masada towers over it from the east.  The Judea mountain range – a majestically beautiful area with amazing wildlife and breathtaking views is at Masada’s western side.

The entire Eastern side of the Judea mountains is naturally defended by the steep decline to the Dead Sea.

To the North and West, the Judea mountains feature sharp precipices that create impregnable fortresses.

It is therefore logical that here was the location of the rebellion led by Bar Kochba against the Romans. A small group of rebels held out for several years.

However, despite a few years of success, ultimately it would fail.

Today, due to some amazing discoveries in the field of archaeology, Israeli history is coming alive.  We now know for a fact that this is the area where observant Jews studied the Bible.

The Jewish people are truly an ancient people connected to the Land of Israel like no other.

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