Successful Lawsuit Exposes Anti-Israel IRS Scandal of the Obama Administration

by Brian of London

After a 9 year legal fight against the IRS, Lori Marcus succeeded in getting an apology from the Department of Justice. Lori represented herself (with the help of her husband) and successfully proved that the Obama Administration massively violated her and others’ constitutional rights to free speech and their own viewpoint. They did this by denying 501c3 charitable status to her organization, Z-Street, set up to counter the anti-Israel and anti Judea Samaria bias of J-Street.

Obama Turned IRS into Political Tool

In addition to the massive deep state surveillance of political opponents we’re seeing exposed every day right now, Obama’s Democrat Administration, within days of getting into office, turned the IRS into an anti-Israel political weapon. This affected a wide variety of Tea Party groups and pro-Israel groups (even the founder of this site, Israel Unlimited, was denied 501c3 status possibly for similar reasons early on during the Obama era).

They used “information” from far-left and antisemitic hate speech sites like Electronic Intifada and Mondoweiss to “justify” delaying indefinitely Z-Street’s charitable status because Lori did not agree with Obama’s State department goal of ethnic cleansing Jews from Judea and Samaria.


As reported by IsraelNationalNews, the Z Street application was at first delayed, then frozen, because the IRS claimed as a defense, that Israel was viewed as a “terrorist entity,” and a country “with terrorism.”

Z STREET”s successful lawsuit exposes how the Obama administration, through its power to grant or withhold tax-exempt status to groups, politicized and corrupted a policy of even-handedness, transparency, and accountability at the IRS.

Charities Approved by Obama’s IRS

According to Marcus, in a personal interview, the following is merely a sampling of not-for-profits, which she obtained via Guidestar; the IRS had okayed these “charities” during the period that Z STREET’s application remained pending.

  • American Charities for Palestine
  • Institute for Palestine Studies USA Inc
  • Teach for Palestine
  • Palestine Foundation Inc.
  • The Israel Palestine Project
  • Opportunity Palestine
  • Palestine Advocacy Project
  • Physicians for Palestine Inc.
  • Coloradans for Justice in Palestine
  • Embrace the Children of Palestine Inc.
  • Just Peace for Israel Palestine
  • Justice for Palestine-Israel Inc.
  • Opportunity Palestine
  • Palestine in America inc. NFP
  • Joining Hands for Justine [sic] in Palestine Israel Inc.
  • Land of Canaan Foundation Inc.
  • Peace of Palos Hills
  • PAL Craftaid
  • United Muslim Relief UMR
  • Karamausa Inc.
  • AJP Educational Foundation Inc.
  • Friends of Al-Rowwad USA Inc.
  • Holy Land Missions
  • Project Unified Assistance
  • Gaza’s Hope
  • Project Unified Assistance
  • Palestinian American Medical Association

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