Amazing New Poll Exposes that Israelis Are Vastly Against the Two-State Solution

by Avi Abelow

This is a groundbreaking poll by the Legal Grounds Campaign. It puts a nail in the coffin in the belief that a majority of Israelis support the two-state solution. The Legal Grounds Campaign was set up to pressure the Israeli government to finally stand up for Israel’s legal rights to its land in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Successive Israeli governments have given into pressure to give up on our land, without even presenting the legal rights that Israel has to our own land. This poll, commissioned by the Legal Grounds Campaign, shows that even the Israeli public are finally understanding that the solution is no longer giving away our land to form a second state on land that belongs to Israel and the Jewish people.

The Palestinian Arabs Lie About the Facts

A biting musical parody showcasing how the decades-old reality of pushing for a “two state solution” has been based on outright lies. It will have you laughing out loud but crying that Israel never stood up strong to call out the lies. At least the Israeli people no longer buy it.

Great Background Video with the Facts

Israel’s Rights According to International Law

The New Poll

After two decades of growing terror, Israelis are finally internalizing that the the two-state solution won’t solve any problem.

As expressed in the video, the Legal Ground Campaign poll shows that ‘Israelis have come to understand they cannot put a sovereign state here (in Samaria) overlooking 70 percent of our population right here,’ explains Legal Grounds member Jeff Daube. ‘Palestinian statehood would catalyse conflict and that palestinian state would become a terrorist entity.’ The poll asked Jewish Israelis — ‘if a palestinian state in the West Bank is not an option, which solution do you prefer?’ Call it ‘full Palestinian sovereignty on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital’ and only 10 percent support that.  Palestinian autonomy in the towns and villages, known as areas A and B, plus Jordanian citizenship for Palestinians gets 26 percent.  Palestinian autonomy in those areas, and an Israeli annexation of 60 percent of the West Bank, area C got 22 percent percent support. The policy of the new right party’s Naftali Bennett. A full israeli annexation of theWest Bank, plus an option of Israeli citizenship for Palestinians—12 percent. And lastly, giving the Palestinians financial incentives to leave the West Bank, then annexing it —30 percent.  ‘Will they resolve the conflict? Probably not. Will they mitigate the conflict? Probably yes. What we are suggesting is we open up the conversation here in Israel to those alternatives,’ says Daube. Nearly two thirds of Jewish Israelis insist Israel’s presence in the West Bank is not an illegal occupation. A similar number believes a solution should not include evacuating settlements — two solid convictions that may be pushing the Israeli public conversation towards a full or partial annexation. But critics say the two-state solution is the only solution. These critics ignore Israel’s rights to our own land as well as ignore the fact that over 100 years of terror, including during 25 years of “peace talks”, is enough proof that enough of our Arab Muslims neighbors who self-identify as “palestinians” are not interested in living peacefully with us.

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