Sharia survivor reveals the answer to stopping Islamic extremism

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not easy to survive life in a country that is based on Islamic extremism.  This woman explains how in a matter of just a few months, the Iranian revolution changed millions of people’s lives.  The Hijab – the head scarf is just one of many examples of Sharia Law that became the law of the land in Iran.

This woman escaped to America and explains the best way to defeat the threat that Islamic extremism poses.  Those who believe in Islamic Law and Sharia do not only strive to live their religion in their own countries.  A major part of the theology believes in the takeover of other countries.  The goal then is to impose their religion on others.

The Solution – Education

She believes that if we can somehow educate all people who follow the Koran, then they will choose a different way of life.  Well, at least she is qualified to believe so as she grew up in an Islamic society and chose to leave.  Is she right?  I hope so.  But, it’s hard to know.

The Soviet Union

There is a clear precedent in the previous century for the nature of what she proposes. One of the key parts in the battle of the Cold War was that the United States pumped western values across the Iron Curtain into the Soviet Union and its satellites.  Whether it was with Reader’s Digest, shortwave radios, or smuggling in other Western values somehow, there is no question that this affected the Soviet Union.  The best proof is from the time that the Iron Curtain fell and the Soviet Union fell apart.  People flocked towards the West and the United States en masse.  In addition, they quickly brought Western values into the former Soviet Union on a massive scale.

So, perhaps one day there will be a major reeducation plan to try to penetrate the closed Islamic societies in some countries.  At the very least, it’s worth a try.

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