This is why the Jewish people will never be broken

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jews are a strong people. They are a nation that can never be broken, despite all they have endured. The Jewish people are here to stay forever.

The Tragedies the Jews have Faced

The Jews are not strangers to tragedies, sadly. Since the beginning, centuries and centuries ago, they have faced persecutions, expulsions, destruction, pogroms, and antisemitism.

The Jewish people were slaves in Egypt. But they kept their identities and did not lose hope.

Their Temples were burned and destroyed. But they continue to pray and mourn the loss until this day. They continue to await the future and final Temple.

The Jewish people were expelled from Spain. Yet they still stand strong today.

The Jews were murdered by the millions in the Holocaust, and their descendants are stronger than ever.

The list goes on and on, but the outcome is the same: The Jewish nation is not going anywhere.

Message to Those Who Try to Destroy

As is obvious in this one minute speech, no one can break this unique nation. The enemies of the Jews have tried for centuries to wipe out the Israelites, but to no avail.

It is special to be part of such a strong nation. And the more people feel that, the stronger the Jews become.

Hear this message: “We might die, we may have died, but we are not afraid. And we will not be cowed…try and stop us. Try. You will fail like everyone before you.”

Internalize this. Because the Jewish people are here to stay.



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