Multiple Battles Erupting Between Taliban and National Resistance Force

by David Mark

When historians look at this part of Afghanistan history, they will be befuddled in trying to explained why the US gave up so quickly against the Taliban. After all the National Resistance Force (NRF) in the Panjshir Valley is holding off the better armed Taliban.

Ahmad Massoud and Acting Afghan President Amrulah Saleh have continued to stand their ground in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley – inflicting heavy casualties on the Taliban. As of this morning, the NRF inflicted 350 casualties on the Taliban and collected the same American made weaponry conveniently left by the USA for the Taliban.

I have written extensively on this over the previous days because it shows just how weak the US administration’s excuses are for not clamping down on the Taliban. It also shows how a waning empire’s in ability to come to terms with its The real question is, why hasn’t Biden come out in support of the NRF?

There are only two reasons. The first is that it would undermine his entire strategy that was employed when pulling out. The second, which is more subtle is that the Biden administration being a collection of sinophiles appears to be tacitly trying to hand Afghanistan over to the Taliban because they are backed by China.

The plan almost worked, but they forgot about Vladimir Putin. Now that he is supporting the resistance on Panjshir Valley, the Chinese backed Taliban are in real trouble.

The real story here is not the brewing Afghani civil war, but the failure and most probably collusion of the US government in abandoning Afghanistan to radical Islamists in order to appease China. If the Taliban fall it will be due to Putin’s support of Panjshir fighters. We are early on in this conflict, but one thing is certain America’s actions are leaving them behind.

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