Deadly NY Floods Cause Mass Damage; Jews Attempt to Save Torah Scrolls from Water

by Leah Rosenberg

These NY floods have been catastrophic. NY and surrounding areas have been in a state of emergency. The young and old alike have been killed.

Catastrophic NY Floods

Hurricane Ida remnants plagued NY and surrounding areas. Tornados hit, heavy rains, and heavy winds. The situation put New York in a state of emergency. Subways were flooded, cars submerged, FDR Drive under water, and more. Tragically, lives were cut short by this massive storm. The Northeast has been struck by a tragic natural disaster. Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania were also hit hard. The footage is shocking.

Congregants of a synagogue in Williamsburg (in Brooklyn) attempted to rescue Torah scrolls that were already partially wet.

It’s a great tragedy for Torah scrolls to get damaged or destroyed. Jews do everything possible to keep that from happening and will go to great lengths to save even one scroll. The Torah scrolls are treated with the utmost respect and have a special “home” in the holy ark.

We pray that the damage caused by the floods can be repaired; that those who lost their loved ones will be comforted.

May the world know of no more pain and sorrow.

For more information and details about the flooding, click here.

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