Israel Attacks Damascus – Syria Responds, Missile Debris Falls Near Tel Aviv

by Micha Gefen

Just before Shabbat, Israel attacked sites near Damascus, destroying precision guided missiles destined for Hezbollah. In response Syria fired surface to air missiles at Israel’s fighter jets. One of the surface to air missiles exploded over the Mediterranean – its debris falling near Tel Aviv.

Israel has been laser focused on preventing Hezbollah from taking control of precision guided missiles and has been known to strike weapons manufacturing areas in Syria in the past. However, Syria’s response, although not unprecedented led to some serious repercussions for Israel.

One surface to air missile exploded off the coast of Israel, sending its debris near Tel Aviv. If this had his Tel Aviv it would have sent the city into chaos and pushed the region into war.

With Russia backing Syria’s right to defense against Israel’s actions, the IDF appears to have the need to take better precautions against Syrian missiles. Syria’s capabilities have grown and Israel appears to have the need to adjust along with them or we will be opening the country to a lot worse than falling debris.

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