Joseph stands strong as Mohammed Hijab laughs at the Holocaust

by Michael Sax

Muslim extremists surround a lone Israel supporter, but they couldn’t keep him down. Check out how he defended himself from Mohammed Hijab.

Mohammed Hijab Laughs about the Holocaust

Can he get more offensive? First, he laughs at Jewish suffering. Then he laughs at the Holocaust. Then he makes a ridiculous claim about Jewish superiority. And throughout it all, the anti-Semites around him laugh and make fun. These lowlifes don’t even have the guts to admit that they are anti-semites. Instead, they make up phony excuses about why they laugh. “It’s because he started the sentence the same way,” they say. What a bunch of baloney. These guys hate Israel and hate Jews.

The Law of Return

Despite Mohammed Hijab’s mockery, here is the truth about the Law of Return. It states that every Jews has the right to immigrate to Israel. Israel is the Jewish homeland, where our ancestors lived thousands of years ago. More recently during the Holocaust, Hitler tried to wipe out the Jews. The Law of Return simply does what is true and fair. It allows all Jews to come home to Israel.

Mocking Jewish Suffering

Mohammed Hijab is not the first to mock Jewish suffering. There have been so many, however one well known case stands out. Earlier this year, German courts sentenced a 32-year-old man to a prison sentence for incitement. The criminal had posted a miniature picture of the Auschwitz death camp on Facebook with an offensive caption. However, this was by no means his first offense. The person had a prior charge of assault. And he posted a photo montage of Adolf Hitler in combination with a swastika and firecrackers.

Laughing anti-semites is not a new phenomenon. It conjures up the same images of laughing Nazis persecuting Jews. When Muslims in Europe are so filled with humor when discussing Israel and the Holocaust, it means that the European continent has alot of things to be worried about.

Mocking Jewish suffering is offensive to Jews and demeaning to all human beings. As a society, we say that it is wrong to laugh at those who were killed. We respect all people and lead our lives with good values. Now if only the radical Islamic terrorists would do the same. Then the world would be a better place.

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