Take a ride through the Hula Valley!

by Shira Epstein

The Hula Valley is a massive flat area of land in northern Israel. It is a beautiful area full of agriculture and nature with stunning fresh natural water running through it.

The Hula Valley

The Hula Valley lies between the Golan heights to the east and the mountains of the upper Galilee to the west. It covers around 177 square kilometers (just over 68 square miles) and lies 70 metres above sea level. Hot summers and cool rainy winters alongside it’s closeness to Mount Hermon mean that the Hula Valley has natural water running through it. The waters eventually run into the Jordan river.

The History of the Hula Valley

The Hula Valley isn’t only a beautful nature spot in Israel. In fact, in the Bronze Age the cities of Hazor and Laish were built in the valley as it served as an important junction connecting the trade routes from Damascus to Egypt.

It has been found that as early as the Hellenistic period rice was grown in the valley. Later on sugar cane, cotton, sorghum and maize were also grown there.

As time passed so did eco system of the area. In the early 19th century Bedouin lived in the area and they captured John MacGregor’s boat, the “Rob Roy”. Later on during world war 2, British Army officiers recorded how the area was great for bird hunting.

The First Aliyah in 1883 saw the first modern Jewish settlement in the valley called Yesud HaMa’ala. They settled on the western shore. Later on in 1948 the area became more developed and grew to house 12 Jewish communities and 23 Arab communities.

The Hula Velley Today

Today the Hula Valley is a one of many gorgeous nature reserves in Israel. It is the best place to do bird spotting in Israel and many even travel from outside of Israel to see the bird migration as the birds travel from Africa to Europe and Asia. Be sure to add the Hula Valley to your itinery next time you are in Israel! Take advantage of the stunning scenery and many hikes available to all. Make sure you explore another beautiful trasure that Israel has to offer.

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