WATCH: Powerful TV Clip Showing the Shock and Horror of Liberating a Concentration Camp

by Avi Abelow

Many Americans, and American soldiers, had no idea about the Nazi concentration camps. This powerful clip, from the TV series ‘Band of Brothers’ depicts the shock and horror of American soldiers the first time they see a concentration camp.

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers’ is an amazing TV series about World War II. I highly suggest watching it to get a better understanding of the fight for freedom that the soldiers were fighting back then.

So many people today have little understanding that we have our freedom today thanks to the soldiers who fought in World War II. Without their dedication to fight and beat the Nazis, our world today would be radically different.

Humanity today owes a huge debt of gratitude to each and every soldier who fought the Nazis.

Best TV Series Following US Soldiers in WWII

This is one of the best tv series ever on World War II. The Band of Brothers follows a group of US soldiers. We watch them from the beginning of their entry into the war until the end. It is a really, really powerful series. Viewers get to connect on a personal level with these soldiers. And follow their experiences, one village at a time, in fighting the Nazis in Europe. It really does a fabulous job of giving over the sense of how much the soldiers went through, and how much we owe them today for the freedoms we have.

Concentration Camp Clip

This clip is actually one of the very few clips in the series that deals with the holocaust. Yet this tiny clip gives over so many messages all at once. It is an incredibly important clip to watch.

We are able to appreciate the actual shock of the US soldiers since few of them knew the about the holocaust of the Jews and the horrors of the Nazis. They knew about the Nazis on the battlefield, but few of them knew about the horrors of the concentration camp.

At the same time we are able to see the horrific scenes in the concentration camp. The bewilderment of the inmates on meeting people that did not know who they were and why they were in a concentration camp. And finally, we get to see the appreciation of the Jewish prisoners upon being liberated.

As I said many times before, this is a powerful clip that must be seen.

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