Mike Pompeo’s speech to CUFI that everyone has to hear!

by Avi Abelow

Mike Pompeo’s speech here is unbelievable. His support for Israel, as well as the President’s support, is unprecedented. The applause was continuous!

Mike Pompeo’s Speech to CUFI

Mike Pompeo gave a great speech to CUFI (Christians United for Israel). His words in support of the Jewish state were good to hear. The crowd loved what he said. Mike Pompeo’s speech touched upon such important topics. He pointed out that “President Trump’s commitment is the strongest in history.” Trump not only has said he supports Israel, but he has shown it by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, by recognizing that the Golan Heights belongs to Israel, and more.

Trump has stood strongly against Iran. During his presidency, the US has also stood up to the UN and called out its anti-Israel bias. You cannot deny all of the positive moves President Trump has made regarding Israel!

Israel Represents Freedom

There is something else that America understands under this presidency. Israel stands for freedom. Pompeo said, “It is also a blessing to stand with other countries like Israel that themselves stand for freedom. Because indeed, that’s what it’s all about here in America.”

Israel thanks Mr. Pompeo and the Trump presidency for their strong support for the Jewish state!

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