“Jews to the Ovens” in the Center of Paris

by Avi Abelow

Parisians and tourists were greeted in the center of Paris with a defaced sidewalk with graffiti reading “Jews to the ovens.”

Yaakov Hagoel, acting chairman of the World Zionist Organization, said in response to the incident that “Diaspora Jews are crying out for security, justice, and a calm life. It’s time to devote effort and resources to an uncompromising battle against anti-Semitism. Education, laws, and even strict enforcement in cases of hate speech, threats, or attacks are vital in every country right now, and sooner rather than later.”

As for Jews, there is one thing for Jews to do – to strengthen their Jewish identity by deepening their understanding of Jewish history, modern Israeli history and of their Jewish heritage. It won’t defeat the growing Jew hatred, but it will empower them to stand up as strong Jews and scare off the growing Jew haters.

There is so much for Jews to be proud of. We are a historic people that has survived over 2,000 years of exile and persecution to once again speak the same language as our ancestors 3,000 years ago, perform the same cultural religious traditions as our ancestors 3,000 years ago, all as sovereign once again in our homeland as our ancestors 3,000 years ago. We have so much to be proud of. We can not let the Jew haters deter us from continuing to live our lives as proud Jews!

Rising Jew Hatred

As Lord Rabbi Jonathan Saks eloquently explains, we have been witnessing levels of antisemitism and antisemitic attacks rising in countries all over the world.

This Jew hatred has been coming from the right, left and from the growing Muslim population in the various Western countries.

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