Anti-Israel group shows us why Elizabeth Warren is big trouble

by Leah Rosenberg

Elizabeth Warren should make every Israel-loving person nervous. Even from this short video clip, you can see the type of politician she is!

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is a Democratic politician running for president. It will most definitely not be good news if she were to win. She supports the BDS movement and anti-Israel policies. She does not criticize Ilhan Omar for her vile antisemitism. And you can see in this video that she believes Israel is “occupying” its own land.

Is Warren that uneducated that she does not know the truth? Or is she just plain antisemitic and does not care about the truth?

The Anti-Israel Group

The anti-Israel group who spoke to Warren is called IfNotNow. Sadly, they are a Jewish group. But you would never know they are Jews with the way they demonize the Jewish state. The things they do are disturbing, to say the least. IfNotNow has even gone as far as to say a prayer for Hamas terrorists that were killed. Why are they mourning terrorists who have tried to destroy the Jewish state and kill innocent Israelis?

And here, they are seen saying to Elizabeth Warren: “We’d really love it if you also pushed the Israeli government to end occupation.” And what does she respond? A proud “Yes yes!”

What Occupation?

Spoiler alert: There is no occupation. The Israelis cannot occupy their own land that God gave to them. They have lived their land continuously for thousands of years. And although the land does not belong to the Palestinian Arabs, Israel still treats them with respect and gives them opportunity. They still are allowed to live in the Jewish homeland. They have rights. And who oppresses them? Their own leadership! The Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas!

So, get the facts straight. The talk about the “Israeli occupation” is all a narrative. It is a fake story to turn the world against the one and only Jewish state.

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