Meet Abraham, the modern day Biblical shepherd

by Michael Sax

Meet Abraham, raising sheep in the Holy Land. Just like our ancestor, the biblical Abraham, this shepherd is walking in spirituality. Come along for the ride.

The Shepherd

Abraham is a shepherd. It’s not easy work. Taking care of sheep requires a lot of energy as he tends to them all day long. And they don’t just walk on the paved road. They wander over rocks and through grass, and the shepherd goes with them. Yet, he seems to be quite tranquil. There is something special about being a shepherd in the Holy Land. In the Bible, Abraham was a shepherd there. So were Isaac and Jacob. King David, before he was king, was also a shepherd. Before Moses became the leader of the Israelites, he was a shepherd. It was only afterwards that he became the Jewish leader, who under God’s direction, took the Jews through the desert and to Israel. So there is something special about being a shepherd – the same role as our great leaders – in Israel.

The Holy Land

Israel is known as the Holy Land. It is the land that God promised to our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is the place where God instructed the Temple to be built. Israel is the land of prophecy. Many of the Torah commandments can only be done in Israel. No matter where a Jewish person in the world, when he prays, he faces Israel. Israel is truly the Holy Land.

Important things in life

Abraham, the modern day prophet, focuses on what’s important in life. Big cities and fancy cars don’t blind him. To him, being a simple shepherd in Israel is sufficient. Perhaps that’s a lesson we all need to ponder. What are our true values? What is really important in life? Where can we realize our values and dreams? Abraham knows the answer – it’s in Israel!

Dr. Risch

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