Proof of the Prophet Isaiah’s existence just discovered in Jerusalem

by Phil Schneider

The Prophet Isaiah lived around 3,000 years ago in the Land of Israel.  Could it be that proof of his existence is being unearthed in Jerusalem?

Archaeological Findings

The archaeological finds in Jerusalem are simply unbelievable.  Day-in and day-out, diggers, young and old, search through rubble in Jerusalem.  Some of the most amazing finds take place right outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

Right in front of our eyes, archaeologists are digging up the City of David. One of the amazing finds is David’s palace.  The waterway used by the ancient City of Jerusalem is now a tourist attraction.  Tourists walk right through this cistern.  The Mazar family – first the father, then the daughter, Eilat, are each at the forefront of discoveries that amaze young and old.

One of the latest archaeological discoveries is in Qumran.  The Qumran Cave Project is located near the Dead Sea.

Nearby the enormous cliffs near Masada, archaeologists found 240 caves.  So far, they only excavated a few of them.   Geological evidence exists that indicates the presence of additional collapsed caves.

What drives so many people to search and find Biblical evidence?

Some people are fascinated by unearthing history. Others are driven by religious drives. People love proving the authenticity of the Bible.

But perhaps the most thrilling idea is a combination of both.

When people find things such as proof of Isaiah, they literally feel as if they have a physical connection to the Bible.

The Bible literally comes alive in their hands. The feeling is more than palpable – it is metaphysical.

One of the kings of the ancient Kings of Judah, Hezekiah, was a righteous King. W

Viewers were transfixed when Harrison Ford searched for the Holy Ark in the film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It seems so beyond the limits of our imagination.

The idea of discovering remnants from the past is so powerful that even young children understand and enjoy sifting.

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