Soulful new rendition of famous Jewish Wedding song

by Michael Sax

This stunning rendition of a Jewish wedding song is very powerful. With Jerusalem’s walls in the background, you’ll feel a closer bond with the Jewish people as the emotional song welcomes the bride and groom.

The Jewish wedding

A Jewish wedding is one of the happiest times. On a superficial level, it looks good. That’s probably due to the good food, tasteful music, and energetic dancing. But on a deeper level, a lot more is happening. Yes, there is food. However, wedding guests recite blessings over the food, and say the sheva brachot (special blessings). As well, the music is not merely a modified dance party. The Jewish wedding song shows emotion and gladness that the bride and groom are getting married. It seeks to take a physical event and raise it to a spiritual plane.

The wedding becomes official under the wedding canopy, or “chuppah” in Hebrew. The rabbi recites blessings and the groom places a ring on the bride’s finger. Then he steps on a glass. What is that interesting custom about?

Remembering Jerusalem

The First and Second Temples both stood in Jerusalem. Yet they were both destroyed. The Temples signified a place where Jews could do ritual services and feel closer to God. When the Temples were destroyed, that connection was lost. We yearn for that closeness. However, we run the risk of getting accustomed to our lifestyle and not even realizing that we are lacking.

That’s where the glass comes in. When the groom steps on the glass and breaks it, we remember Jerusalem.  And despite the festive wedding atmosphere, our happiness is not complete as long as Jerusalem is not complete. Perhaps this is part of the secret of Jewish survival. We remember our past and that inspires us to live in the present and the future.

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