This is what IDF Soldiers really do when they are supposed to be training….

by Michael Sax

Join the IDF choir as they take us for a musical visit to an army base. This experience is what many young men and women go through as they stand guard over Israel.

Translation of lyrics to the musical visit:

You have nothing to worry about
I am careful and also wear a sweater.
You have nothing to worry about
It’s unnecessary everything is fine.
You have nothing to worry about here.
They are shelling
There is really nothing missing.

You have nothing to worry about.
Here is a summer camp and you are happy.
And yesterday I even got a shower.
You do not have to worry about me sleeping
And dreaming of you
When I get back to town we’ll get married.

Send me underwear and undershirts.
Here everyone is already like animals
Fighting like lions.
Morale is really high.
And in our unit
Asking for some respite
Baby do not send me a cake.

You have nothing to worry about
I’m in a safe place.
And between bombardment and bombing
There is time to rest
You have nothing to worry about.
A sweet shell
Patience girl
There’s really nothing to worry about.

IDF training

While it is very difficult, Israel always has to be prepared. The musical visit provided a glimpse, in a comedic fashion, of what the Israel Defense Forces soldiers go through. Since Muslim terrorists constantly threaten Israel, the soldiers always have to be prepared. That means guard duty. It also means a lot of work behind the scenes, such as kitchen duty and sleeping in the field.

Some soldiers are best suited to be combat soldiers, while others work in other roles. We may never see them, but their contribution is no less. That is because everyone together helps the IDF function. From the intelligence officer sitting behind a desk, to the cook in the kitchen, to the soldier standing guard on the front lines.

The IDF choir captures so much in this excellent performance.

First Fruits
Blood Libel
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