Mainstream media promotes one of the biggest racists in history

by Leah Rosenberg

The mainstream media is guilty of a lot of things. They lie. They twist stories. We in Israel know this well because they twist stories about us all the time. And now, as part of their lies, they are guilty of supporting a big racist?

The Guilty Mainstream Media

If you have ever seen the mainstream media, you’ll know that they treat Trump like a racist and a terrible president. And then they go on to promote Biden as a hero. But is that the truth?

President Trump is by no means a racist or an antisemite. He is a great friend to the Jewish people and Israel. He also has a lot of support from the Black community as well as other communities. He has denounced hate groups and White Supremacy on every possible occasion, and yet the media acts as if he refuses to reject racism. It is completely irrational the way they treat him.

And Joe Biden…

And then there is Joe Biden. Biden has a history of racist comments. And he has continued. It is not just a thing of the past. His views have been recorded on camera on many occasions.

Does this make Joe Biden a racist? That’s not for us to say.

But people should care about the facts, and all the facts, not just the narrative mainstream media chooses to feed the masses, that “curiously”, only leads people to think that Trump is a racist, leading people to hate him.

This video was done in a humorous way. But it highlights this very important topic, not about racism, but about the mainstream media.

Arab Incitement
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