This Rally Is Why Trump Will Probably Win Pennsylvania

by Micha Gefen

Trump held a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania with a whopping 57K attendees. That’s right the venue overflowed by 37k. No rock concert would fill or over fill such a venue. Yet, polls in Pennsylvania show Biden in the lead. No one is buying it.

Trump rallies consistently draw tens of thousands of people, while Biden rallies draw campaign workers. While polls may be right, the idea that Biden has such a large lead when he can’t even get supporters to his rallies seems to suggest that Trump truly holds the advantage.

This is why the Democrats are panicking. No matter the amount excuses and there are plenty, nothing can compare to Trump’s draw. After all, if you can draw 57K in Butler despite Corona then those supporters will run to vote for him no matter what.

So are the polls wrong?

In a few days we will find out.


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