Trump: “Peace in the Middle East with no money and no blood”

by Leah Rosenberg

Peace in the Middle East IS possible. Not only is it possible, but it is possible without Israel needing to make concessions. Trump has proved it.

Peace in the Middle East

Most people have heard the phrase “peace in the Middle East.” It has to do with Israel, the tiny sliver of land that makes up the Jewish state. The Arab countries throughout the Middle East have mainly been on not-such-great terms with the Jewish state.

Some people never thought peace would be possible. But look at what is happening before our eyes. History is being made. Lives are being changed. The Middle East is a different place, and it seems that it will continue to change for the better with G-d’s help.

Israel Does not Have to Give in

In the past, many presidents have tried to force Israel to give up certain parts of the Jewish state in order to make peace. Leaders of Israel have even been willing to make concessions. They have been willing to give land to “Palestinians” in exchange for peace. But land for peace has never worked and it never will. Remember Gush Katif? Gaza was given over completely to the Arabs. They could have created their own state. They were given a beautiful piece of land. And what did they do? They destroyed it. They created a state of terrorism.

And the same has happened with parts of Judea and Samaria. Ancient land was given to Arabs. In exchange for peace? Think again.

President Trump knows that giving away land does not bring peace for Israel. He knows that when Israel makes concessions, peace does not come. And that is why he has helped create peace between Israel and many Arab countries. And he plans to continue making peace in the Middle east with “no money and no blood.”

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