The link between brazen anti-semite who calls Jews “Satanic” and the Democrats

by Leah Rosenberg

The link between Democrats and unashamed anti-semite Louis Farrakhan is upsetting, to say the least. How can anyone associate with this man?

Democrats Have it Wrong

The Democratic party seems to have everything twisted. They say they fight for social justice, but then they discriminate against so many. Instead, they end up defending people like Linda Sarsour, a woman who supports terrorism and Jihad. Democrats also claim to be pro-Israel and pro-Jews, yet they associate themselves with those who are the worst anti-semites of today.

Friends with Louis Farrakhan

Sadly, many Democrats are so called “friends” with the brazen anti-semite, Louis Farrakhan. There is proof. There are pictures. Even former president Barak Obama spent time with him.

Farrakhan refers to Jews as “Satanic” as well as other terrible names. Why do the Democrats not care? They even stay silent when he calls America “Big Satan.”

How can anyone support a man like this?

Democrats Have Really Lost It

Everyone has their own opinions. America is a free county and values differences. But when the Left starts blaming President Trump for something like the Pittsburgh Massacre and manipulating such a terrible tragedy, all sensible people have to speak up. It is disrespectful to the victims, their families, and Jewish people all over the world. Using the murder of 11 innocent Jewish souls to push political agendas is revolting.

Has the Left lost all awareness of what is considered moral in this world? Do they even care?

But then again, if Democrats associate themselves with people like Louis Farrakhan, then unfortunately, it is not so surprising.

Arab Incitement
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